Hey there! Some things to get you started:

One of the things we ALL need, that can be especially daunting for Seconds, is finding work. Finding a job as a Second can be like finding a haystack with a needle. (You read that right)

You can do practically anything, so how the ever-living do you choose? We struggle with being above average generalists which makes us qualified for almost everything, and our extra intense imposter syndrome and knowledge of “what 10 is” holds us back from applying to anything. (Ouch!!!)

At H2B2 we want to lower the barrier to finding work by helping you get focused and then connected to people and job postings that fit, as fast as possible.

And as with any advice, you don’t HAVE TO do any of this. Seems to be pretty useful though.

Job Posting Quick Links

We’re particularly good at Manager and Director type roles, and more people are getting used to the idea of “Second-in-command” positions, so we put together a hitlist of the most common titles that people post when looking for Second type, and Second in Command type, roles.

These searches are all “Exact match” searches for these roles, in the US, 100k+ salaries. You can take it from there!

Linkedin Searches


Finding a Job as a Second

At any point, you may find yourself in need of new work. If you do, here are some tactical resources to get you accelerated in doing that.