Mastermind Group

H2B2 Mastermind Groups

Mastermind Groups – WHY?

It’s a neat name, but really a mastermind group is just a little intentional community, and we believe strongly in both of those things – community, and being intentional. We also think developing strong enough relationships where you can have good conversation but also speak meaningfully into each other’s lives is hard in a really big group.

A few simple benefits of mastermind groups are collective wisdom and feeling like you’re not crazy – getting to hear other people share stories about what they’ve been through in similar environments can help us realize it’s not just us, and not feeling crazy can be an especially intense need for Seconds.

Mastermind Groups – How?

We want to offer two different mastermind group experiences to the Second community:
  1. Groups dedicated specifically to Seconds
  2. Infuse groups that already exist with time to focus on Seconds

1. Groups Dedicated specifically to Seconds

For some people, an experience of gathering with others who share a core set of personality traits can be empowering and uplifting – and it can help you feel like you’re not crazy! (A particularly useful moment for Seconds)

Being around other people who are similar can create a sense of understanding and connection, allowing us to understand how we’re similar AND how we diverge from each other. It’s totally possible to have a group of 8 Seconds covering the whole intro/extraversion spectrum.

Also it means we can talk about tactical “getting stuff done” things and share tools and templates and stuff, or have skill specific speakers to hear from to level up in things we’re curious about (everything) and stuff that’s adjacent.

If that sounds like something you’re interested in, including potentially being a facilitator of a group like this, check out the details below or fill out the waitlist form.

2. Infuse groups that already exist with time to focus on Seconds

LOTS of groups already exist in the world, and everyone only has so much time to be in a group of any kind. Also, if you’ve been in a group, you’re building relationships with people who care about you – let’s not mess with that!

Instead, we want to work with current groups to add a short section of focus on Seconds where it would be a helpful addition.

Here are some group types we’re specifically interested in partnering with:

  • CEO Peer Groups – Vistage / CEO Roundtable / YPO / NAWBO
  • Professional Peer Groups – EO / EOA / COO Alliance / C9
  • Startup / Incubator Programs
  • Church Small Groups / Leaders in Training groups

If you’re leading a group like this, or any other type, where you think a focus on Seconds would be beneficial, get in touch. We’d love to talk to you about the potential of infusing or co-branding a group with you.

Mastermind FAQ

What’s the value of being in a How to be Second mastermind group?
  • Focus on who you are as a person, not just your role
  • Focus on how ‘who you are’ may be helping (or hurting) you in your roles
  • Focus on introducing new tools for common issues on a regular basis
  • Focus on connecting to practical resources generously
How much does it cost?

To be part of the 12 monthly sessions of 6 hours each, we’re starting the conversation at $5,000 yearly, billed quarterly, with considerations for different group types and scholarships from there. We’re definitely looking to value-pack the experience for the cost.

If I’m in a group, do I just get the benefits of the group?

No, we’re already building out connections to other resources.

We want to build partnerships and bridges for the things Seconds need, which includes a support group, but also includes connections to opportunities, jobs, training, etc

How long is a mastermind?

Each of the 12 monthly meetings is 6 hours, with breaks for refreshments and a (provided) meal. We know that sounds like forever, but it’s almost never enough.

Is it in person, or virtual?

We’re building the groups out in-person right now, but we’re already talking about taking them virtual, depending on the waitlist. Might need to adjust the virtual format though, 6 hours is a LONG time.

How many people are in a group?

Between 8 and 10. We really want 8 people to show up each time the group meets, and even the most dedicated people have stuff that comes up. Not more than 10 in a group though.

Where is it?

Locations vary by group – we’re currently building out H2B2 groups near Minneapolis, MN and Columbus, OH. Join the waitlist to stay up to date about the status.

Can I get one-on-one coaching outside the group?

We’re working to make this available – as authors, David and I only have so much time, but we’re working with a group of wonderful people who are great coaches to make sure this is possible.

What’s the confidentiality policy?

Vegas Rules: What happens in the group, stays in the group.

Do I need to be in a certain role, or a certain size company?

Not yet! The stuff we’re ready to talk about right now will be relevant for Seconds in general, irrelevant of role or company size. Perhaps we’ll get that specific someday in the future.

Is there a community Slack or a message board of any sort?

Not at this time, and we don’t currently have any plans for that.