David and I both love personality tests.

And ALSO, each is incomplete on its own.

In the book, David and I talk about how each personality test is sort of like one more hand on an elephant, and that the elephant is way too big and complex for any one hand to capture all the detail and nuance of it. (In this metaphor, you are the elephant.)

Those who craft assessments typically understand that they can only assess a narrow scope of things, so while they’re each wonderful in their own way, each assessment is looking for its particular markers to draw it’s particular conclusions.

From what David and I have seen, no personality assessment in the market answers the question “Are you a Second?”.

So, we’re designing one! An assessment that we believe will be specifically useful in identifying whether you are a Second or not.

Leading the design of the H2B2 assessment is David Hartman, my co-author. 

David has a Masters in Sociology from the University of Notre Dame, a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Grace College and Seminary, and he was awarded a PhD in Counselor Education from Seattle Pacific University.

We’re currently designing the assessment, and looking for people who are willing to help out. If that’s you, sign up below.

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