One incredibly important thing for Seconds is knowing that you are not alone.

Actually, that’s important for humans in general we think. (…but some personalities seem sorta ok with being alone?) Anyway…

We wanted to provide Seconds who landed here a connecting bridge to some community right away.

All of the communities below exist at the time of this writing, though it’s totally possible that one of these links no longer works as you read this, because online communities tend to be a little more transient. They might pop up, or close down, and not have told us about it, or we haven’t been able to update the list yet.

If you know something we should know, like a community closing shop, or getting more specific about who they’re allowing in, or maybe you know of a community we’re missing here, get in touch!

The COO Alliance is run by Cameron Herold, and as the website says, it’s “The World’s Leading Community for the Second In Command.” Cameron did an interview for our book and we follow and talk about his work a lot, so you should mention us if you go over there. We don’t get any checks for referring you over there, but maybe if a few of you mention our names he’ll send us something cool!
The LIFT Integrator Community™ from Authentic Brand is for those who “are in the Integrator seat/have Integrator or ‘Second in Command’ accountabilities.” I’ve attended a few of these myself and met some friends. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet Jennifer on a few occasions to chat with her about the community and she’s always been fantastic. Again, no affiliation other than that. Mention us if you go.
Female Integrator Mastermind (FIM) built by Kristie Clayton and her incredible team have done fantastic things, and all I see about this community is love. Kristie generously did an interview for the book and is quoted in it. Once again, just a lovely person doing a lovely thing. Mention us if you go.
Rocket Fuel University™ is currently run by Mark Winters, who co-wrote the book Rocket Fuel and seems to be a helpful resource for people working in the Integrator role while using the EOS system in a business. I believe they maintain a community of sorts. I myself am an Integrator Masterclass graduate, though I admit to having mostly moved on from participation in the community. Mention us if you go, though!
If you have a community for Seconds, Second in Commands, or people who you think are this thing, and you’d love to be listed in our communities, get in touch!