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H2B2 BROAD Workshops
Get a wide overview in a topic, so you know where you need to dive deep

4 Professionals – 3 Hours – 1 Workshop

$299 Per Attendee

we need financial acumen

EVERYONE needs to know how money works, both personally and professionally.

For those in or looking for Second in Command roles, financial acumen is a non-negotiable.

At the same time, we rarely see that expectation clearly defined.

Largely because the organizations we lead as Seconds are so different!

You need completely different tools and strategies to lead different organizations, like

  • a $3M non-profit food pantry
  • a $25M B-Corp Consultancy
  • a $1B for-profit manufacturing company
  • a $500K Web Design Agency

And we haven’t even talked about PERSONAL finance yet…

Ditch that Uneasy Feeling

Our BROAD workshops are built to take you from the uneasy feeling that “you should know more” and that you’re “losing ground”…

To being aware of what there is to know, where to go, and who to call to get unstuck.

In Person Learning

Learning live with other curious people is a magical experience, especially when that includes experienced educators and a cool space!

Rapid Fire Content

This isn’t your normal workshop. We have SO. MUCH. GROUND. to cover.

Personal and Home, Micro and Small Business, Wealth Management, Corporate Control, and more…

Including Discussion time and Q&A

Connected to Experts

The experience isn’t over when the workshop ends!

Now that you know where to dig in, you already know exactly who to call.

Where and When?

Join us at the North House in Downtown Minneapolis

Friday June 7th, from 9am to 12pm


BROAD Workshops - Finance 1

Meet our speakers

We partnered with a bunch of topic experts in Finance to bring you this workshop!

Brian Adamek

Brian Adamek

Founder - E-Wealth Partners

Wealth Management and Personal Financial Planning

Becky Lewis

Becky Lewis

COO/Integrator - Accountinuity

Small Business Accounting and Financial Management

Heath Hertel

Heath Hertel

Head of Operations - ICS

Mid-cap to Inc 500 Controlling and Financial Strategy

Nathan Young

Nathan Young

Founder - How to be Second

Personal and Family Budgeting and Oversight

Meet Your Host

Nathan Young has served as the Integrator, General Manager, and Fractional COO to multiple companies.

Now, he serves as Author and Founder of How to be Second, where he helps Seconds understand who they are, how that’s valuable, and helps them own that for themselves with community, education, and tools. 

BROAD Workshops - Finance 2