Meetup Agenda

Choose a Facilitator from your group

– The facilitator reads the agenda for the group and supports staying on track.

– This is something that ALL Seconds will be asked to do at some point in their lives, and this is a safe place to practice this skill!

Rounds of Check In

Everyone in the group answers the following questions, then calls out the next person to go!

– What’s saving your life right now?

– Something that’s sucking your energy lately?

– Something you feel like went well in the last month?

– Something you’re working on that your community could possibly support you on?

– Who should go next?


Discuss Questions from the monthly topic

– What struck you from the videos or Q&A today?

– What’s your personal experience being a Second (this identity) in a not for profit? (Skip if not relevant)

– Has any of this impacted your life? Personally and professionally?

– Put a name to the invitation you feel for your own growth


Transition back to Wrap Up

Community Agreements

As Seconds, we LOVE helping… AND, we’re really bad at asking for or accepting help from others.

This is a definite growth point for us – we need to learn to form requests.

Also, without making requests, the rest of your community cannot do what they love.

Requests don’t impose on your Second community, they unleash them.


Questions + Theory vs Practical

When someone is communicating a request, a pain, or seeking advice:

1. Seek to understand (ask clarifying questions)

2. If it’s time for advice, give advice from what you HAVE DONE, and not what you “would do”, unless the person requests ideation.


*Selling and recruiting stance

Most groups say no selling, and I get that, but if you need money and/or have a product, I think that’s fine. Just be aware, We’re Seconds; your product will be HEAVILY vetted around here. So just say what you provide and what you need with awkward honesty.