H2B2 Peer Support Groups

groups launching 10/3/23

If this sounds like you…

If you seem to get slotted into progressively more management roles no matter where you go,

If your title has ever been “General Manager”, “COO”, “Integrator™️”, “Chief of Staff”, or “Manager” (or should have been),

If you’re competent for the “top spot”, but have little or no desire to live in that role,

If you’ve ever unironically wanted to put “everythinger” into your resume,

If you cried when you read the book Traction (by Gino Wickman),

If you’ve ever identified more with Alfred than Robin…

Join a “Second” Peer Group

Groups of 4 meet together with a facilitator, for 2 hours monthly, for 6 months.

You are who you are at your core, and that’s what this is about: bringing together people who are similar at the core, growing in that, and getting you connected to what you need.

Because Seconds value the “How”

  • Groups break and re-form (or don’t) every 6 months
  • In-Person and Virtual groups available.
  • You don’t need to be at a certain seniority level, age, or size of company.

Seconds seem to be people who have almost all of the following traits:

  • Team focused
  • Collaborative
  • Generalist in skillset
  • A high willingness to serve
  • Unopposed to organizational hierarchies
  • Focused on moving forward with a plan
  • Able to see causes and implications
  • Avoidant of the spotlight unless needed

What you get (and how you know it’s working)

Learn to “OWN” your Secondness – understand this part of who you are and how it’s incredibly valuable

Improve your ability to manage people and systems, together

Understand how you naturally see things that others don’t, and how to use and communicate that

Get connected to the resources and tools you need, like Networking, Self-development, Job Search, and Professional skills

Each session (both in person and virtual) follows the same cadence:

  • Check in
  • Homework Review
  • Tactical Support
  • Specialist
  • Assign new homework

What it costs

$250 Monthly (6 month commitment)

Why your company would pay for this: This WILL make you a better people manager. You could practically consider it a course in synergizing people management with systems management.

Own it in 3 steps

  1. Schedule Onboarding call
  2. Get your Group Assignment
  3. Show up and Own your Secondness

Meet the Facilitators

Peer Support 1

Nathan Young

Hey there! I helped write How to be Second.

I’ve been a Second-in-Command for most of my life and across multiple organizations including full time roles as an Integrator™️, Co-Founder, and General Manager.

I’ve started businesses, planted a church, and kept a diary of my BSBA studies live on youtube.

Most importantly, I have a wife and two daughters who have taught me more than all the rest of that combined.

I’m passionate about helping others discover what I did – that being Second is a superpower, and something to be celebrated.

Peer Support 2

David Hartman, Ph.D. NCC

I helped write How to be Second.

I am a designer that specializes in solutions to education and social innovation challenges. 

I have worked in higher education, training, and program design for over a decade. I have a Masters in Sociology from the University of Notre Dame, a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Grace College, and a PhD in Counselor Education from Seattle Pacific University. I currently serve as the Director of the counseling center at Vineyard Columbus.

A born facilitator and storyteller, I love collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds to synthesize viewpoints and to create solutions. 

Peer Group FAQ

Why Peer Groups?

It’s our mission to help Seconds understand who they are, how that’s valuable (to everyone), and help them to own that.

We do that by helping people recognize that they might be a Second, help them understand they’re not alone and they naturally see things others don’t, and then pointing them in the direction of resources and tools so they can take next steps.

Peer groups accomplish ALL of that, effectively, efficiently, and helps us keep it cost effective for you. Which feels awesome.

Is reading How to be Second a prerequisite?

Not prior to signing up for the group, but reading it and feeling confident that you are a “Second” as we describe is required. We don’t believe there is nearly as much value for you if you’re not “the thing”, as everything we do has Seconds in mind.

Can I stay with my group longer than 6 months if I want?

If the entire group chooses to jump in for another 6 months, and wants to stay together, sure! After 12 months together we’ll ask everyone to form up with a different group – connecting with new people and perspectives is part of the value.

Where is it?

Locations vary by group – we’re currently building out H2B2 groups near Minneapolis, MN and Columbus, OH. Join the waitlist to stay up to date about the status.

Can I get one-on-one coaching outside the group?

Yup, just mention this whenever you could use the added support.

What’s the confidentiality policy?

Vegas Rules: What happens in the group, stays in the group.

Is there a community Slack or a message board of any sort?

Not at this time, and we don’t currently have any plans for that.

  1. Schedule Onboarding call
  2. Get your Group Assignment
  3. Show up and Own your Secondness